Early Retirement

Put as much efforts into your early retirement as you did into your career. Then you will have a long time of relaxation smiling at you.

Disciplined Investment

10-12 years of job can earn you an early retirement when you enforce a disciplined approach towards investing

FundStar's Expertise

Our extensive research based advisory, periodical reviews, 1X1 meetings with clients and active portfolio management

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You will be needing ₹ 12,00,000 in the coming 15 years
So you need to invest

Scheme Category Rating Allocation Amount
Aditya Bsl Medium Term Plan - Growth Debt-Corporate Credit 10 %
DSP Blackrock Micro Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Equity-Small/Mid-Cap 30 %
Sundaram Select Midcap - Regular - Growth Equity-Small/Mid-Cap 30 %
Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund-Growth Equity-Flexicap 30 %